Google Adwords Training

Google Ads will help you advertise on a search engine and display network (websites in Google network). In this AdWords training, you will learn how to analyze business goals, how to structure the account, campaign, ad group, creating ads, target search engines, and display network, keyword research, and bidding optimizing the campaign for maximum ROI, tracking the conversions and reporting.

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    About the Program

    In this course, you will learn how to get started with Google Search Ads and create successful campaigns to reach new customers and grow your business. We’ll work on Google Ads, Google’s online advertising platform.

    Fundamentals of course takes you from the Google Ads basics to advanced concepts. Understand how to conduct different Google Ads campaign experiments using various Google Ads tools. Learn how to distinguish between opportunities available for organic & paid listings. By the end of the course, you will learn how to drive more sales for your business using the Google Ads platform.

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    What you will learn in Google AdWords

    • Chapter 1: What is Google AdWords all about?
    • Chapter 2: Why should you definitely use AdWords for your business?
    • Chapter 3: Top 5 Google AdWords Automation Power Tools.
    • Chapter 4: Setting up a Profitable AD Campaign from Start to Finish.
      • Creating your AdWords Account.
      • Creating your First Campaign
      • Creating Your First Ad.
      • Creating Your First Keyword List.
      • Entering your Billing details.
      • Getting Familiar with your AdWords Account
      • Going Mobile with AdWords.
    • Chapter 5: 10 Proven Tricks you should start using today.
    • Chapter 6: 10 do’s you can’t miss.
    • Chapter 7: 10 warnings you should be aware of while using AdWords.
    • Chapter 8: Shocking Google AdWords Case Studies.
    • Chapter 9: Google AdWords for marketers- How to make money online?


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